MES Blog Post – March 2016



"Change is Gonna Come"


Our inner five-year-olds are excited by the construction noises and activity going on next door, today.  And our adult selves are excited to see our growth plans taking a step forward.  We bought our neighbor’s land and home in 2015, and that building is being demolished today.

Moreau EMS, South Glens Falls Fire and Gansevoort Fire have all done extensive training at this residence over the past few months. After all, practice makes each of us better at what we do! Making steps toward our expansion - this marks the beginning of a new chapter in our long history of serving our patients within our communities and beyond!
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Moreau Emergency Squad started way back in 1957, so we’re 59 years old this year. We have grown from 18 volunteers to a 24/7 agency with 86 staff, including 46 wonderful volunteers.  Our community has grown a lot in the last few years, so our “footprint” is growing too. We are starting a monthly blog post, and soon it will include some community news and staff profiles.  By the way, did you see the news on facebook about our newest EMTs, Brandon Bruttomesso, Nicholas Trumble, Shawn Glans and Michael Burch and their successful exam results?  Stay tuned and sign up for our blog/newsletter.  You’ll also see updates on our facebook page .
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Moreau Emergency Squad
November 1994

Moreau Emergency Squad now